Get fresh and supple looking skin this winter

Skin in winters has the tendency to become dry, rough and flaky. They tend to lose their natural shine and this makes it look dull. If you have noticed for yourself, you will find that your skin in winter tends to become tight and itchy. But don’t worry about it, you can solve this problem and it won’t even be very painstaking or time consuming. Winter skin problems have become passé with the influx of so many skin care regimes and products in the market.

Brave the winter and let you skin glow

Many of us turn to our moisturizers as soon as the winter calls. But what we don’t realize is that what may work for one skin type may not necessarily work for another. Moisturizers come with various ingredients and can be either water, gel, or oil based. The ones that come with oil as their base are ideal for dry to normal type of skin. But those that come with water or gel are most likely to suit oily to mixed type of skin types. Avoid using harsh soaps as this could even come in the way of sensitive skin care.

So what else can you do?

Bathing with extremely hot water can make your skin irritable and can cause problems for your skin making it even more dry and stretched. Use our moisturizer immediately after your bath. It helps lock moisture into the skin, keeping it looking fresh and supple all day long. In winters you tend to drink less water. Keep reminding yourself all day long to consciously sip on water. This will keep you hydrated and in turn keep your skin moisturized naturally. You could alternatively even try to an organic skin care regime.

What are the natural ingredients I can use?

Organic skin care or taking care of your face skin problems organically could be the answer for you if you have extremely sensitive skin. This is using supplies around the house to help you make your skin look good and feel healthy.


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